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Freeride was founded in 2002 by brother and sister Marta and João Mealha, from Portugal. Both shared a passion for all Nature, especially the ocean and the waves.

Through surfing they found a way to connect with the ocean in a much deeper level and, in 2002, finally decided to start their own Surf School.

After all these years of experience and success stories Freeride guarantees you the best coaches, best surf lessons and the most amazing time in the best surf breaks in the SW Portugal.

BECOME A FREERIDER and learn one of the most thrilling sports of all time!

Freeride Surf School is located right outside the Hotel Memmo Baleeira’s reception.

The Surf School and the Hotel work in partnership in order to create the first Surf Hotel in the SW Portugal. Working to guarantee the best accommodation in addition to the best surf professionals in the area, Freeride Surf School and Hotel Memmo Baleeira prove surf vacation is not only for the younger crowd but also for those who enjoy the commodities and luxury that a hotel can offer and still have those active holidays. You can choose to take the most advantage of the Nature, waking up early to go searching for the best surf breaks in the SW Portugal and come back at the end of the day to relax at the Hotel’s SPA and enjoy the view! For the ones looking for different types of accommodation we also have other tips!

Marta Mealha and João Mealha put their efforts into creating a brand that exhales quality and high standard surf coaching. There’s new gear that arrives every year from surfboards to wetsuits for all sizes and ages. Every year Freeride invests in the training and refreshment of the skills of each one of the Surf Coaches that are carefully chosen to become part of Freeride Dream Team.

Freeride Surf School challenges every member of Freeride Dream Team to be their best from the Headquarters to the surf coach at the beach. Freeride’s main mission since the beginning has been to be the best professionals in surf coaching not only teaching the best techniques but also introducing everyone who really wants to become a Freerider to what’s really like to live life as a surfer and uphold this conscious lifestyle.

You can find Freeride Surf School on Facebook under @freeridesurfschoolsagres


On Instagram under @freeridesurfcamp

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Join Freeride & Become a Freerider

Much more than a surfcamp in the Algarve , Sagres Portugal.
To join us you don’t have to stay only at the Hotel Memmo Baleeira. No matter where you stay you are always welcome to join our Surf Lessons! In case you have any questions about where to stay, more options, what to do, how to get here, make sure you contact us! We are here to help you organize the best surf vacations!

Sagres is an amazing little town at the SW of Portugal surrounded by one of the biggest Natural Parks in the country. There are plenty of options and activities for all tastes and ages so if you are not sure about coming give us a call and we can help you make up your mind! Come and meet us at this Paradise we call home! We will tell you all the best spots , best beaches and what to do and not to do, where to eat and where to party!

Join us and Become a Freerider!

We are here to help you! Let us know how we can!

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    Info and bookings, call our whatsapp – Tel: +351 918 755 401
    Info or bookings please sms :Tel: +351 916 089 005
    E-mail: info@frsurf.com

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