Terms & Conditions

Cancellations with less than 24hours notice are not refunded.

“No shows” will not be refunded. Lessons can made in shorter time due to bad weather or meteorological conditions in this conditions there will be no refunds.

If we cancel the lessons due to bad weather the student will be refunded.

Any transfer fees or bank commissions charged by the banks are paid by the client. Freeride Surf School will not cover these bank fees and commissions.

Payments by PAYPAL are subject to administrative tax payments by the client.

If you are negligent (break, ding, lose or stolen) towards any surf gear Freeride provides you you wil be charged the total amount of the gear (€50 to €200)

Prices of Freeride Surf School may change without prior notice.

We do not accept payments with any cards.

Disclaimer form conditions that you accept when purchasing any of our services:

I am the participant or the parent/legal guardian of a minor participant (where applicable), hereby I accept and acknowledge the risks inherent to the practice of surf. I, on behalf of myself or on behalf of the minor participant do agree that Freeride Surf School, it’s owners, agents, employees, independent contractors, and sponsors shall not be liable or sued for any damages arising from personal injuries (including death), damage to or loss of property or other harm, that I or the minor participant may sustain in any way which directly or indirectly results from or arises out of my or minor participant’s participation in surf lessons/instructions conducted by Freeride Surf School. I also assume all responsibility of the equipment lent or rented by Freeride Surf School, vow to watch over and return in the same conditions that were given to me, otherwise I will be accountable and pay the total amount of the new equipment, upon the return of such equipment.