Meet Freeride’s Dream Team


Founded in 2002 by siblings Marta and João Mealha, Freeride is situated in the picturesque Sagres, Algarve, serving as a true embodiment of their deep love for nature and surfing.


Born from a profound connection with the ocean, Freeride has emerged as a premier destination for exceptional coaching. With top-notch instructors, the school delivers comprehensive and personalized Surf Lessons, creating an unparalleled experience against the stunning backdrop of Southwest Portugal’s prime surf breaks.

Cultivating a Lifestyle

Boasting expertise and a commitment to excellence, Freeride goes beyond traditional Surf Classes. It’s not just about riding waves; it’s about cultivating a deep respect for the ocean. This unique blend of skill-building and environmental appreciation transforms each lesson into a memorable and transformative experience, deepened even further with our Prime Retreats, making Freeride more than just a surf school—it’s a lifestyle.

Surfing Excellence Meets Luxury Comfort

Through a successful partnership with Memmo Baleeira Sagres Hotel, Freeride has skillfully integrated exceptional surf professionals with luxurious accommodations, ensuring a seamless blend of expertise and comfort for its clients.

Meet Freeride’s Dream Team

We call ourselves the Freeride’s Dream Team. We are a group of experienced and certified surf instructors whose lives are dedicated to the art of riding perfect waves in Europe’s most idyllic corner. Blessed with sun, flawless waves, and surrounded by natural parks, our deep respect for the ocean shapes our surfing lifestyle.

Join the Freeride family and be part of a distinctive culture and lifestyle.

Become a Freerider and craft your own unique story with our community.


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